Our Yule

We had a good Yule. I ate too much shrimp but am unrepentant! We also had stuffed acorn squash, bread sticks, and Champagne. While we ate, we could see the line of icicles along the patio roof in the outside lights. That really added to the Yule spirit! As did the single digit temps!

We had our gift exchange. Donna seemed more interested in her glass whistling teakettle than anything! I ordered it because her coffee pot didn’t make her tea water hot enough; then I broke the carafe on it and got another Mr. Coffee which keeps water hot. So the teapot may be extraneous!

I got an electronic Scrabble dictionary but am figuring out how to use it for FB’s Words With Friends; I have some tough opponents and could use a little help against them! I got a couple of SF books, some LED light “bulbs”, some clothes, and some rawhide chews. Oh, wait. Those were Lily’s. Lol.

Even with the cold temps last night (6 was the lowest we saw.), our water didn’t freeze. Yay!

Tonight we will be in Cañon City for dinner with my other son, Scott, and his family. And to give them the various “stocking stuffer” gifts we have.

The boys will celebrate Christmas at their Mother’s house. I will celebrate it in my own bed!

Our Yule Snow

The weather guys got it right this time!

This is about 6″ of snow at 10:15 on the 22nd. It is supposed to snow all day. And, yeah, I didn’t even put shoes on but just shot this out the front door! This is fluffy stuff so our little tree is still standing proud.

We were gonna take Lily to the vets about an injury Donna found on her ribs but all three of us agreed it wasn’t that serious! 🙂

So we can stay home, open presents, and eat all day!

Happy Yule!

Our Tree

We have a small house filled with too much stuff! And two curious cats. So we have a tree that hangs on the wall.

It rolls up and goes in a cylinder for storage, decorations and all!

The presents make it festive enough for us!

Tomorrow is Yule and a cold white one, at that. What more could two retired Pagans want for the season?

Have a good holiday of your choice!