Water House Wiring

This is really boring to most people so I suggest you skip over to Pogo or FaceBook. Or read a blog. Lol. (All links safe for work!)

I worked on the outlet wiring in the Water House Thursday afternoon. It went from this

to this.

And it only took two redesigns and one rewiring to complete! Lol. Yeah, it is in service but needs some covers to be “complete”.

The first problem was my discovery of the GFCI in the little dangly box below the large switch box. I had forgotten I installed it many years ago! I considered leaving it there but finally moved it to the existing box. But that meant five wires in the 1/2″ conduit between the junction box and that outlet box: 2 white, 2 black, and a green. One set of B/W “in” and a set “out” so all the outlets on the wall would be protected. I wanted to mount the GFCI on the junction box but I had bought a box that didn’t allow outlets to be mounted. Onward.

I only had one conduit curve so reused the piece of Romex which is functional but tacky. Some day it may get replaced with conduit and individual wires. Or not.

I had begun connecting the wires in the junction box when I realized I had to connect the right blacks and whites for the downstream outlets to be protected. Then it dawned on me all the terminals on the GFCI were not the same! I had just landed them randomly and had no idea which wire was which! So a major undo as I disconnected all the wires from the GFCI!

So I had to do both ends of each wire as I connected it to the GFCI so I would know which was in and which was out (“line” and “load” as they were called on the back of the GFCI)(If I had had two more colors of wire, I wouldn’t have been so constrained.). The biggest problem was the stiff 12 gauge wire but they were already bent making the redo easier. By the time I got all the wires landed, I was pretty much done! In several senses; I was worn out but had had to finish so there would be power in the WH and water for the night.

So I asked Donna to turn the power back on and I would watch for any excitement. Nothing, which was good. Then I plugged in a flood light to test. Still nothing, which was bad! I asked her to turn it back off assuming a wirenut connection was not right.

That was when she discovered she had turned on the wrong breaker! We have another 220 breaker that used to go to the A/C and attic fan neither of which we have now. When she turned the breaker to the Water House on, the light came on! I was so relieved! The GFCI manually test tripped and reset and all the outlets worked. Success.

I began plugging stuff back in. The yellow cord goes to the small freezer; the white cord goes to the patio lights; the tan cord is for the water line heat tape.

And some of the stuff got moved to the new outlets: the heat lamp timer and my work flood. I will be putting the electric heater in service shortly since the NWS is forecasting a HIGH of 35 Tuesday! Plus each of the treatment column controllers have transformers for their power.

So I went from 5 outlets to 12. And 8 of them are claimed already! Now “all” I need to do is plumbing.


Back to the Water Project

I worked on the wiring yesterday. Right now everything in the Water House comes from just a few outlets.

There was obviously no planning as the electrical demand increased (lights, patio lighting, heater, temporary freezer connection, water line heat tape, etc.). And more outlets are needed now (treatment column controllers, etc.). The new outlets are now in place.

They are ready to go except they are only connected to each other!

I had some excitement when my work flood exploded! I was working on the east outlets when, with no warning, the flood exploded! I was standing almost under it while working on the west (left) outlet!

I was concentrating on pushing the three wires into the conduit when it went off!

None of the glass hit me but bounced off the pressure tank and you can see it on the salt tank which I was using as a table. The phone was my intercom to Donna. This caused a brief delay while I picked up the shards of glass and found a new light. I am still not sure what set it off.

After some struggle, I got all three wires around the bend and into the lower box. The next step is adding conduit at the bottom and connecting it all together.