Lily’s Surgery

This turned out to be a better day than I expected. Her “blown out knee” got repaired. The trip to Colorado Springs went well. I got to visit with my kids and their families.

I got there about 45 minutes early so we (I) had time to relax. The staff was helpful and even got me a cup of [serious] coffee. Then we waited. Lily was glad to be out of the Escape (The receptionist helped me unload her.) but soon got bored and lay down.

She wouldn’t lay on the carpet or the dog bed in the corner. This is the door into the hallway where she could hear people going by. If the vet had come in, she woulda got smacked but she didn’t lay there long.

This facility does everything! In addition to the orthopedic surgery, they are THE pet trauma center for Colorado.

This is their ambulance! I have no idea how often it gets used but they have a fulltime ER. The rock formation in the background is Pulpit Rock which used to mark the north end of Colorado Springs until it grew beyond it by developing to the east.

I left her there, went to breakfast, drove over to Jeff’s house and helped him unload groceries, then we met Scott’s family at Ruby Tuesday. We had a nice visit with Scott and Jeff, my sons, Jackie, Scott’s wife, and Dillon, my grandson. And I got to spend time to bond with Jeff’s four cats. Well, three anyway; one of them doesn’t cotton to strangers.

While we were harassing the waiter at Ruby Tuesday, the hospital called saying Lily was out of surgery and would be ready to go in an hour! About two hours early! So we adjourned lunch and I took Jeff home; he was ready for bed (He works nights). Then I went to Scott’s house so they could give me our Christmas presents. I spent some time there then went up to get Lily.

I went over the after care instructions while they gave her an epidural morphine injection. Then one of the staff helped me take her to the car. She was pretty stoned but we made it. They had given us a sling to hold her back end up. The surgical wound is very delicate for a while and any weight can make the bone graft fail. So she carried her rear while I guided her. Later I learned how much work the helper was doing! She has a heavy ass!

Once she got settled in the Escape, she didn’t move the whole trip! And had an “Elizabethan collar” on. It turned out this was a problem.

I made a stop in Cañon for gas and eggs then went on up home.

It took a while to get her in the house. She still didn’t navigate well from the drugs and I could barely carry her back end! Once we got in the house, Donna helped me on the sling and it was much easier. We got her on her bed in the living room.

She looks so miserable. The blue and white thing is her sling. The dressing on her leg is the surgical wound. And the white thing on her neck pads the cone. She refused to drink or move until we removed the cone. Now we have a constant hassle to keep her from licking the wound. sigh. Traditionally, dogs always “licked their wounds” but now vets say they have unsanitary mouths and will infect themselves.

I guess we will see. One thing she does like is meals in bed!

Also she can’t go outside without a leash. She has NEVER been a house dog and this is not setting too well! We worked out the terms of going out to pee but tonight, Lily and Donna worked out the terms of doing a #2 (Her first since the surgery.). It involved NOT being on a leash!

We are all training each other. And learning how to give her all the pills the vet prescribed: three, three times a day for pain; one twice a day for pain; and two antibiotics twice a day. But wrapping them in margarine makes the medicine go down! Lol.

Meanwhile, the cats do not like our pet door being blocked to keep lily in! Donna has been getting up regularly at night to let them in but we modified the pet door so she can get some sleep!

It is gonna be a long three weeks!! But she is much happier now and doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

It makes me cringe that she is lying on her wounded leg! But at least she can’t lick it then! Lol.

Her incision runs the length of her thigh.

There are no stitches! I guess they glued it closed! This will not be over until next year.

Lily’s Surgery Schedule

While I was in town, we made a lot of progress on Lily’s surgery. I got her med history and X-rays from the vet; the vet made her referral to the surgeons; then Donna got Lily scheduled in the most efficient way. My appointment with my Urologist got moved down to the next week and Lily got November 23.

The other choice required me to do the admission interview one day and the surgery the next. That meant I had to find a place to spend the night with a lame dog somewhere. Jeff has cats; Scott has cats and a dog who has had a confrontation with Lily because she was intimidated by Lily’s size. sigh. So I opted for the 23rd date.

I have to be in Colorado Springs by 8:30. That is about 3 hours away. [yawn] Donna has decided to stay home. Hmph! Coward. I have my conference and then turn Lily over to the veterinarians. At 4 PM, I can pick her up. It’ll be a long day.