A Found Part

While I was cleaning up my messes yesterday, I saw a small turquoise colored thing on the hall floor.

I recognized it immediately: it is the adjustable screw for operating the flush mechanism on the toilet. But I knew there was one in the toilet!

The reason I was so sure was that this was what Donna adjusted to make the pee flush work! But the one I found had a plastic nut on it. The one in the toilet did not. I switched them and tried to set the length the same as what Donna had.

Where the one I found came from, I am unsure; probably the cardboard box the lid was in. Why is a total mystery. The one that was in the lid was upside down and not locked. It would have eventually fallen in the tank!

Maybe it was there so I would take pictures of the best part of the toilet that I failed to do earlier! Lol.

My Dual Flush Toilet

I just finished and feel a bit finished myself! Lol. But it is in and works. Donna got a new one in ’08 because the one that came with this modular had some kind of obstruction in the drain. My oldest son, Scott, bought this for my birthday. But the first one arrived in pieces! This is the second one he sent me (He did get a refund on the first one.) Here is the picture story of my turn.

This is the old toilet waiting for its final flush.

This is me struggling and sweating to dismount the whole toilet.

I could not get the tank bolts apart they were so rusted so I just took the whole toilet off the floor flange. I was thinking I could wheel the whole thing out assembled.

This is a “fail“! The handtruck barely fit through the door without a wide load! So on to Plan B.

Eye protection and a hammer!

I was able to carry the old bowl out to the front porch. It was much lighter than either of the new ones!

And the remains of the tank. This is waiting to be taken to the dumpster tomorrow.

After some cleaning and prep of the floor and installing the toilet ring, the new bowl found its home. Doesn’t it look happy? I wasn’t sure about the brown stain and Donna wasn’t thrilled about my remarks about product returns. 😉

Then the tank. The secret of this toilet is the blue and white thing in the tank. Blue for liquid; white for solids. It worked great!

The lid has two buttons. They aren’t labeled except for the braille dots. Only it didn’t pee flush right using them but Donna figured out how to adjust it.

Here is the [almost] finished product. Except for the toilet seat being too small!

I was bushed after this day! So Donna cooked dinner: French Toast and sausage.

I did save one piece of sausage for Lily. In self defense! Lol. Now I am gonna shower so my body will quit sticking to itself!