Status: Stubbs

Note: we have so much going on, I decided to post individual updates on each family member.

Our chubby (OK, fat) cat is acting odd. He is sleeping a lot, less active, and quieter. I always worry he will come down with the same thing that did in Koko (It is a male cat thing.). I hope not.

He has started sleeping (until now) on the top of the cat tree. With his weight, jumping down is a large (and noisy) impact. He may have just landed wrong. But that was what we said about Koko.

Here he is laying in the hall in front of the washer and dryer, watching the pet door. He is grumpier; his sister is going stir crazy from the lingering snow and he is losing his patience with her!

We poked and prodded him and nowhere does he react as if tender so we will just wait and see. Maybe he is getting cabin fever, too! Or just getting old like the rest of us!


Stubbs up a Tree

For two mornings, Stubbs has been sitting between the two Ponderosas in front of the house next to a bush standing guard on something. When I open the front door, he will dash in, eat a bit of food and go back out to resume his vigil!

But when I went out to take a picture, he climbed the tree!

[It isn’t a good picture due to low light level. The sun hadn’t even come up and it was cloudy!]

So he is trying to get something that is in the trees! I have no idea what since there was nothing in this tree with him!

Stubb’s Baby Bunny

Yeah, that is redundant, kinda. But this one is young, maybe not even weaned.

I had set my alarm for my first day of library duty this school year but naturally woke up before it went off. Then heard squealing from the living room! Donna and I came into the room at the same time. Stubbs had this little guy in his mouth. Donna rescued it from him.

Isn’t he cute? But we have learned that unweaned rabbits are very susceptible to human bacteria. No mention of cat bacteria . . . 😦 If he is not old enough, whatever we do won’t help and we have NO idea where Mommy is.

He now resides in a cat carrier in my bathtub with the door closed. Stubbs is confused and thinks the bunny is hiding in the living room somewhere.