The Snake Trap

I lost track of which day this is! Donna reminded me yesterday I hadn’t been checking the trap for a few days so moseyed on down to the barn. And found this.

An empty trap. I decided to roll this project up and brought the trap back up to the house. I will put it in a plastic bag for the next time we need to scare a snake off!


Snake Report: Day 3

Sigh. No snake. I think it left after our confrontation. I even walked around to see if anyone talked to me. Nope.

I have been taking a picture each day as a way of seeing if the trap is occupied but the small image on my camera and my poor eyesight make it impossible to tell anything. So I carefully use the hoe!

But someone had been there.

The Flicker feathers are still there but they have been joined with some gray feathers from another bird. If you are wondering why these birds end up in the barn and then dinner, here is why: they enter the barn either under the large doors or through the small openings along the roof beams.

Then they find themselves trapped. Most birds can’t figure out how to get out. Hummingbirds can if one opens the large sliding doors. The others go up to the skylights.

They sit on the rafters in the heat and fall to the floor. And get eaten. Probably by Mittens.

On my way back up the hill, I pass the pet graveyard.

Five of our beloved family members are buried here. The second one, the little one, is for Loki who passed away very early in his life. There should be a sixth, Velvet, the cat who moved with us but our lives were disorganized at the time and we left his body with the vet. 😦 He took to living in the woods much better than we ever expected. He was much like Stubbs is now: a large, friendly, black cat.