An E-mail from My Brother in Texas

From 8/11:
It’s raining! First rain since 06/21…it smells great and looks even better!
Temperature is 76.3–I’m ecstatic! JG

Donna’s Hailstorm

While I was in town, the weather up here turned exciting! I could hear the crackling noise on the phone each time there was lightening strikes nearby. This is on our landline!

What really got her excited was when the National Weather Service (NWS) in Pueblo called her! The woman, Cathy, wanted to know if it was hailing. Donna could say it was, dramatically. Donna said Cathy got excited when she was told some of the hailstones were the size of a quarter.

And she wanted Donna to call back when the hail stopped. So Donna got to bond with the US Gummint!

They got our number when I was a weather spotter. This isn’t the first call. The mountains confuse their radar so we are kind of a reference point so they know exactly where the storm is. I am just surprised they still have our number after several years. And I always talked to a guy!

We got “only” 0.3″ of rain! And hail completely covered the ground. One stone deep! Lol.