Valentines 2012

I had library duty this day so left before anyone was awake. But I did find a Valentines card on my keyboard.

I left mine on her keyboard! It had a cheesy poem that ended in “cute butt”. 😉 So both our cards were about her sexy body!

I went on to school and had a very quiet shift. A couple of teachers and some older kids who checked out books. Mostly I read my Kindle.

I did have an In School Suspension (ISS) to watch. This is a student being punished and is restricted to the library. Or wherever I give him permission to go. 😉 My prisoners don’t suffer and, since I don’t have any instructions, I am not violating my orders.

None of my charges have ever been a problem. This is an interesting way to meet members of the student body.

Eventually lunch arrived. I usually eat at the teachers’ tables but only a couple of teachers were there. Soon a few more appeared but one came over and said they should be at an inservice. So they all got up and left! I asked if it were something I said and one teacher said it was and I should be quiet!

There is no doubt that the staff was stirred up! I hope the Board’s eventual decision will calm the emotions.

My Library Job

This year, I am doing Tuesday mornings on my volunteer job, which this is. I am on duty and bored! I have had one customer, a young lady who checked out a James Patterson book. And a teacher brought an elementary class through to show them the library.

But this is only the fourth day of school. I am sure things will pick up next week!

I hate this clunky keyboard! My wine soaked one was sightly worse than this one! I will buy a new one for the library! And a new mouse, too! I miss the wheel!