Kindle Anomaly

Well, really an Amazon anomaly. I went to look at a recommended author and got excited when I found one of her books on sale for $6!

Except the $6 was for the “bargain price paperback”! The Kindle edition was $9.99! sigh. When they are cleaning out the overstock, Kindle users don’t get a deal.

I didn’t buy the book since I wasn’t that interested in a Civil War steampunk novel.


Kindle Books

I just downloaded some books into my Kindle. And it is all John Scalzi’s fault! I was checking out his recommendation of Stephen Boyett’s new novel, Mortality Bridge. That one went on my wish list (because Stephen, or his publisher, doesn’t have Kindle versions). Then I ended up in the Kindle store!

I bought four new books! But actually paid money for only one! While Amazon is good at making recommendations, somehow the free books don’t show up on that list! So I now have Stretch (a Harlequin novel), Red Coyote Weekend (a mystery), CRY UNCLE (a probably pitiful mystery/romance), and Mama Does Time (a mystery in the style of Carl Hiaasen). The last one was the paid for one with great recommendations.

Earlier I had “bought” The Prince by Machiavelli (in English). The free list changes constantly since it is a “top 100” list.

Another discovery: Kindles only read PDF imports as I have mentioned. It will not read any text documents. 😦 Amazon knew what it was doing!

Kindle Update

I have read more books since I got this gadget than in the previous several weeks! It is easy to read on; I had to force myself to finish Fuzzy Nation in hardbound.

But I have found one problem. While it easily accepts PDFs, those cannot be resized to fit the screen and be read comfortably. With books, enlarging text causes it to wrap but with a PDF, it is fixed at whatever size it was created.