The Washed Keyboard

OK. This experiment didn’t work! Lol. I washed it last night and when I used it briefly this morning, it worked perfectly!

But when I got home this afternoon, the whole bottom row of keys was inoperative! Lol. So washing/rinsing a keyboard is not the right solution! (No pun intended.)

Fortunately I had a new keyboard stashed and that is what I am using. I was surprised that it had a PS-2 connector! So 20th century. Lol!

Washing a Keyboard

Last night, just before I went to bed, I was watching John Stewart on TV with the lights out as I finished my wine. I reached to take another sip and . . ., Oh, crap! Wine all over the keyboard! This was a new cordless keyboard I really liked!

I literally dumped it out then wiped the surface with a napkin. Then took it over and shook more wine out over the sink! I did that until no more came out of the keyboard. I let it dry overnight.

This morning, it was obvious I didn’t get it all out! Lol. Many keys were hard to make work. I spent a lot of time making corrections! Finally, I got fed up this afternoon and took the batteries out of the thing and took it over to the sink and used the sprayer on it! Then sun dried it. Much better! There is some hesitation yet but another rinsing may fix it!

I don’t remember their claiming it is washable but it sems to be! OK, that shows it still has prolems! But you shoulda seen it befoe! 😀