Another Urologist Appointment

This was my regular 3 month Lupron injection. But when the doctor saw my PSA results, he changed the plan! It was over 8!

Instead of getting three month’s injection, he gave me one month’s worth. Next month he will change to a different drug “for situations like mine”. But I don’t know the name. He has to order it and I will get it the 27th. That drug has to be given monthly. In my abdomen. sigh.

The curve of my PSA results shows it rising in a non-linear manner.

They took another blood sample to see what the increase in one month is. Based on this chart, I estimate the results will be near 9.5.

This was the thing he was talking about when I get to 9. But he assured me any talk of chemo will be when I get in higher (?) double digits.

So my adventure continues.

My Retina Test

Donna and I went down the river to Pueblo today for me to get a retina scan at Retina Specialists. Expecting the worst, I took an Ibuprofen before I went in. Good thing.

I knew my left eye had worse vision than 6 weeks before. An eye test confirmed it. When the doctor came in, he said, “Since your vision is worse, I don’t think you need an angiogram and we should go ahead and give you an injection. Is that all right?”

What is one to say when a doctor says that? I muttered “yeah”.

So the process for getting a treatment began and soon it was over. sigh.

I asked how many of these I could get and he said some of his patients have gotten them every 6 weeks for a year! joy.