Giant Formerly Extinct Bugs

Well, almost extinct; at one time there were only 24 in the whole world, on an island in the South Pacific.

Not real cute! And they are rumored to smell bad, too! But their survival is a great story.

And romantic, too.

Not Cute: Giant African Land Snails

Giant African Land Snails Return To South Florida. Pets run amok! In 1966 these things got established there and it took 10 years and $1,000,000 to eradicate them! A fertilized snail can have 1200 kids!

This picture links to the blog from which it was ripped.

In fact, the story reads like a B-grade Si-Fi movie!

There is a large group of enthusiasts who keep them as pets. I am not sure why. I once had a pet clam which would be only slightly less interesting. But more attractive, IMO.