Even Lower Gasoline Prices!

Day before yesterday, gas prices in Cañon City dropped to $2.98.9!! Last August I mentioned it going UP to $3.44.9. Then last week, I was excited about a bit above $3, expecting that to be the bottom of the price curve.

I was on my way to Colorado Springs where I was startled to see prices in the big city were $3.09.9! I hadn’t filled up assuming it would be cheaper in Colorado Springs. I ended up at the Safeway gas station, since it was closest to my son’s house, to fill up.

I used my “Reward Card” (formerly “Club Card”) to see what kind of discount I would get. I was shocked to get a $1.00/gal discount!! I paid $2.21.9/ gallon for 11.5 gallons of midrange! I don’t see how that is legal since Colorado outlaws selling fuels below cost but accepted that price (The pump actually asked if that was OK!).

The discount is not the same for everyone. Another customer was excited about getting a $0.50/gal discount. I rarely buy Safeway gas after getting a tankful that was of terrible quality and my Montero barely ran. So I had a lot of points piled up from all the prescriptions we refill there!

This made up for the crappy tankful I got! 🙂


New Low Gasoline Prices

I know it is a crazy world with all the players having crises: the EU economy; the USA economy; Iraqi, Nigerian, and Venezuelan oil production; the Saudis’ oil production which seems to be past “peak oil”; and China buying up every strategic resource they can. And nuts in Iran stirring up shit while US liquid inventories are dropping rapidly as we export distillates.

And the price of gasoline just dropped in Canon City to $3.20.9/Gal. Is this a great country or what?