Don’t Mess With us Old People!

This just in from Colorado Springs:

A man was stabbed on Monday evening after he allegedly tried to rob an elderly man in Colorado Springs.

Police say around 6:15 p.m. they were called to the 300 block of East Brookside Street on a report about a dispute between two individuals. An investigation eventually revealed that a suspect tried to rob an elderly victim, after which the victim stabbed the suspect and then called the police, according to officials.

The suspect reportedly suffered non-life-threatening injuries and faces a charge of attempted robbery.

Don’t mess with us old guys; we have less to lose! This is a tough part of town on the south side so I am not surprised someone walking there would be armed!

Lily’s Surgery Schedule

While I was in town, we made a lot of progress on Lily’s surgery. I got her med history and X-rays from the vet; the vet made her referral to the surgeons; then Donna got Lily scheduled in the most efficient way. My appointment with my Urologist got moved down to the next week and Lily got November 23.

The other choice required me to do the admission interview one day and the surgery the next. That meant I had to find a place to spend the night with a lame dog somewhere. Jeff has cats; Scott has cats and a dog who has had a confrontation with Lily because she was intimidated by Lily’s size. sigh. So I opted for the 23rd date.

I have to be in Colorado Springs by 8:30. That is about 3 hours away. [yawn] Donna has decided to stay home. Hmph! Coward. I have my conference and then turn Lily over to the veterinarians. At 4 PM, I can pick her up. It’ll be a long day.

Escaped Pet Birds Are Teaching Wild Birds to Speak English

Not exactly conversational English like the apes in “Planet of the Apes: the Prequel” but mostly exchanging sounds.

In Australia.

NO NEED TO THINK you’re going bird-brained if you hear mysterious voices from the trees – it’s likely just a curious cockatoo wanting a chat. Native parrots, especially cockatoos, seem to be learning the art of conversation from their previously domesticated friends.

Details in this Australia Geographic article.

There was a colony of feral parrots in Colorado Springs a few years back which got “rescued” from the wild by Colorado Springs Utilities. But no reports of them talking English or any other human language.