Cotopaxi Cell Tower

This project is on again! The AllTel contract never went anywhere and everything they did has expired. Then the school got word that AT&T had transferred rights for the cell tower to Mercury Towers of Frisco, TX. This site is on school property overlooking the “city” of Cotopaxi (pop. 47).

The school campus is at upper left; the county road wanders through it. The town is across the bottom with the commercial district south of the river. Southwest of the school is a faint blue “T” which marks where the new cell tower will be.

The green circle is approximately where the tower will be. The original permit called for an eighty foot tower but Mercury wants to make it a 100′ tower if the county will approve it. I think so they can hang more antennas on it later! Any carrier can use the tower.

Looking east (or downcanyon), the power source is visible through the trees at bottom. On the next ridge, the tall white pole is a radio mast for the Sheriff’s office and the CDOT facility on the other side of the ridge.

This is the back of the school; the closest building is a utility building and the field to the right is the leach field for our septic system.

The school will get a lease payment for the plot of land and Cotopaxi will get cell service (AT&T) for the first time!