My Cell Phone Gently Beeps

My apologies to George Harrison for the title of this post.

Anyway, my cell phone was acting oddly this last week. Twice in the wee hours of the morning (2:39 and 2:40) I would wake to see my phone shining brightly for no apparent reason. And I had no reason to be awake then, either! There was no incoming text or call. Maybe my phone went out to play every morning and I just happened to wake up and catch it!

But the third time I wasn’t asleep at 11:20 when I heard a soft “beeep” and it came to life. And shortly went back to sleep! I lay there thinking who might be browsing my cell files: Verizon? Homeland Security? The FBI? A hacker?

The next day I waded through all the menus on the thing to see what might be happening. I found software updates turned on and no way to turn any associated alert sound off. I left it on and was relieved that Verizon was looking out for me! 🙂

I can’t tell any difference in how my phone works so whatever they fixed is invisible. And I haven’t had anymore “midnight flashes” either. I assume it is perfect now!

My New Cell Phone

I got my new cell phone from Verizon.

The new phone on the left along with the cable and plug came in the box above. I guess they didn’t want it getting claustrophobic. 🙂 It looks very like my old phone (right) but the keyboard is more like Donna’s LG unit.

I am in the process of switching to the new one. I had several texts I have to transfer to my computer. This is a fetish of mine to preserve parts of my history. I have to do this by typing the texts into an e-mail to myself. I only have 38 to go!

I have saved my address book. I have make sure there are no pictures I want to save. Then I activate! My old number magically transfers to the new phone.

My New Phone

I have ordered a new cell phone from Verizon. They don’t make shopping easy! I ended up with three choices: a reconditioned Blackberry 9330, an LG Accolade, and a Samsung Gusto. I debated about the 9330; it was free and Wi-fi capable. Then I thought about me using that little screen for web surfing! That wasn’t gonna work! My experiences with the Kindle told me that. So, even tho most of my cyberfriends have smartphones, I would stick with dumb ones. And i do know what happens when ya drop one of those.

So that left the flip phones. I spent a lot of time deciding and chose the Samsung Gusto which is very similar to the phone I have now. So I went through all the steps to purchase it, clicked on purchase and was told it wasn’t available!! And this is the phone Verizon recommended for me! Dufuses.

So I am ending up with the LG Accolade. I have had an LG phone before with TracFone and liked the unit (not the company!). Donna’s phone is an LG similar to my new one. I hope we can tell them apart! Lol.

One thing I did different this time after hearing the horror stories about damaged phones and my own fear of accidentally dropping mine in a toilet when I flush (This phobia comes from my years as a waste water plant operator!), I bought insurance!

I will have the same number but am dreading transferring the saved numbers over. Verizon is supposed to make that easy. I will see.

Update already: While I was writing this, Verizon sent me a confirmation of shipment. They don’t want me changing my mind, obviously! FedEx should get it here the 9th.