I am still struggling with blogging with my laptop. Anyway here is an update.

Yesterday PM, my catheter plugged and off the to ER we went again! Donna is becoming a good “ambulance” driver for these crises! By the time we got to the ER, I was in a lot of pain and I had taken one of my Vicodines az we were leaving! I was surprised to see the same nurse there who treated me earlier! She had had a couple of days off but was still ill.

This time she was able to clear the cath with a back flush and I was soon good to go. She also gave Donna a kit for doing this at home ans instruction in how to do it without injuring me. Th place was busier than our other visits but we got done quickly. Once I was functional again, I was ravenous for, of all things, a chili cheese dog! So Donna took me to the drive up at Dairy Queen and treated me to dinner! Even with all that, we got home about dark, Sure beat getting home at 3 AM! Lily was happy too!

Donna went and got the mail which had two surprises in it: a card from my Boss and the office staff up in Salida. And a bottle of pills! I have no idea who sent them but will try them. They are Astaxanthin, an antioxidant. I have no idea who bought them for me but will give them a try. One claim for them is wrinkle removal! I assume one of my friends ordered me the bottle; whoever it was, I appreciate it!

I got my doctor appointments sorted out. My next one is with my new oncologist Wednesday PM; will he be surprised to learn about my cath! I hope he can bail me out on that!

The Jade Garden

This is a new Chinese restaurant in Caňon City. The food was good; the service was terrible (and I told them); and the most interesting thing in the place (to me) was in the men’s room!

The sink looks like a salad bowl!

Donna’s Tooth Ache

A tooth that Donna is sure was supposed to have had a root canal has lost its cap. And is painful! So much for a root canal.

In any case, she needs dental attention. I finally urged her enough to call our dentist in Cañon City for an appointment that she did. I had urged her to declare it an emergency to get in sooner. She didn’t. So she now has an appointment on September 6 after my library job. So I will run back up here, pick her up and dash back down to Cañon.

And she will endure pain for a week. It could be a long week.