At least temporarily. My MMJ card application came back rejected. I had sent my SS benefit record but what the secretary at the doctor’s office shoulda said was my SSI benefit! SSI is a disability benefit. I am not there yet! Lol.

So I have written a check for $90 and will mail it back tomorrow. They returned all the papers so it is essentially a new application with the rejection notice on top! I sent it in on my birthday so now know it takes about two weeks.

But this assures me it will go through this time or other defects would have been marked on the rejection check list. Yeah, right! 🙂

Mailed my MMJ Application

Thursday during my routine trip to town, I went by the Social Security office to get proof of my being on SS. To my shock, there was no one waiting! But I did the check-in thing on the computer. I didn’t make it to a seat when the guy at the window called my number! 10. It hadn’t been a busy day!

I told him what I wanted then he asked for a bunch of data to verify me: SSN, Mother’s maiden name, father’s name, birthday, etc. I obliged him but it seemed like overkill. And there was no charge. When I called Donna to tell her, I knew she was gonna ask the numbers off of it and that my insurance premium was gonna make her howl! It did! I pay $98/MO; she pays about $1000/MO! Eventually she will become old enough for Medicare!

The MMJ doctor’s office had been very efficient in preparing the packet for mailing. All I did was slip the two pages in the envelop and seal it. It was going by certified mail so cost about $4. In a week or two I should get my Red Card.

The doctor’s office guaranteed that if it were rejected for any reason, they would redo it and make it right. I am already planning my marijuana plantation in my bedroom! Lol.