Our Weekend Winds

Our weekend was set by the terrific winds we had. The forecast was 50 MPH on Saturday and 55 MPH on Sunday. I feel sure they achieved that! This is the strongest sustained winds I can recall. Our damage was less than it could be, some roofing that needed replacing anyway ending up in the yard. The Air Force Academy in the Springs recorded 89 MPH winds!

None of our trees were blown over either; the neighbor across the street had two tall trees near their house get uprooted. Fortunately they fell away from the house!

This tree is on the neighboring lot south of us. This apparently healthy tree blew over into the road. I go this way to our mailbox and nearly ran into it because I was looking at a nearby dead tree which had blown over!

I am sure the roots have become weakened from the years of drought we have enjoyed.

Other wind events include blowing our dumpster and parcel box over.

These are at the end of our drive along our “street”.

I tried to right the dumpster but learned this is one heavy box! Lol. I put the trash in it lying down; it was on its “face”. I just hoped coyotes or dogs wouldn’t pull a lid open and spread our trash around. (They didn’t.)

I was most surprised to see the parcel box, with all three concrete blocks, laying on its side. I had to disassemble them to set it back upright. The trees blocked a lot of the wind from our house but our driveway works like a wind tunnel for west winds.

Our power was going on and off Saturday evening as we went to bed but came back on every time. I am sure this was due to powerlines swinging into each other. I recall watching this one night when I lived in the Springs; I stayed up a while watching the big orange fireballs from the arcs!

But at 1:30 AM Sunday, the power went off and stayed. So we were left powerless until 10:30 Monday night; no internet, lights, furnace, or water. We knew how to set things for living like pioneers from our days before we had a house! Kinda like camping in a house! I will give the details in another blog entry.