Even More Snow!

We have already gotten more snow than we got all last Winter! Another 7.5″!

And the poor little guy on the west gets bent again. BTW, the picture is not askew; these trees are growing at an angle due to our travel trailer being next to them for a while!

These are the row of trees to the west of our yard. Note the empty rain gauge at lower left; I had just put it back out after emptying it (0.69″ of moisture); the snow was a bit fluffy so the tube was level full!

This really doesn’t look inviting!

All this snow made a hectic morning: a brief power outage; a dead and a live bird indoors; school was cancelled; and no internet access. So I shoveled the walkway to the rain gauge, let the live bird out, shook the remains of the dead one on the snow, swept the satellite dish to restore our Iway service, and finally settled down to my coffee!

But I still wouldn’t live anywhere else!


More Snow

It just keeps coming down! Now we are worried about our trees breaking under the load. Especially the little tree on the right of the three Ponderosas.

This is at 8:30.

And this is at 10:30.

Poor Baby.

Winter in October

This was the scene from our front porch this morning.

This is over 1″ of wet, heavy snow and still snowing heavily. I had to sweep the stuff off our satellite dish to get Iway access back! The temp is not as cold as forecast, being right at freezing. And the NWS said we can get 3″ more.

I have a meeting this afternoon which may be poorly attended. Lol.


I was amazed to see mushrooms coming up in our yard! We haven’t had significant rain since the 15th when we got a half inch. It has been so dry so long, I figured the mycellia had died. Obviously not!

The ones in the front yard were not in any kind of shade. There was another one a few feet beyond this pair.

The ones in the back were under the bird feeder tree in the needle and seed hull litter.

The one in the foreground was kicked over by me yesterday figuring out what the “bumps” on the ground were!