Irish Pubs in Pueblo

I was told there were Irish pubs in Pueblo. I was surprised and went to see for myself. This is an old, Hispanic city so having two Irish pubs seemed out of character.

The first I visited was the Cock and Bull Tavern. I wasn’t impressed; it just seemed like just another dark bar to me. But they had food so I ordered a “slopper”. I didn’t know it at the time but this is a classic Pueblo invention, consisting of an open face hamburger smothered in green chili. They were even featured on the Travel Channels “Food Wars”. The slopper was delicious!

My next visit (the next evening) was to the Irish Pub and Grille. Also known as the Shamrock Brewing Company, this is a classic Irish brewpub. The available beers each day are written on a blackboard; there were eight different beers the day I was there. This place celebrates their Irish! And drinking.

This is one of the bartenders.

I tried some of the beers (They will let you have free samples. The brewed root beer is good, too!). In the men’s room are posters advertizing their products. It was covered with glass and my phone didn’t take a very good picture.

What got my attention on this was a blurb about their “chili beer”! It isn’t brewed with chilis but is allowed some contact time to add flavor. They don’t mention it on their (PDF) website so I assume this is a chili festival brew.

They brag about their corned beef on their menu being cooked for ten hours. The sandwich was good but the corned beef was not as tender as I expected for all that cooking!

The place expanded into the next store front in 2005 for an expansion of the dining area and the brewing section.

Overall, the Irish Pub and Grille comes highly recommended by me. As do sloppers in general!