Donna’s “New” Sink

When we removed Donna’s tub, she salvaged the lovely brass faucet. This last week I began to change the faucet on her sink. This turned out to not be easy! It took several trips to town to get: a basin wrench, sealant, ask how to remove the wingnuts holding the faucet, and get repair parts for the hot water line!

I just finished this job and it looks good. On top.

That is a metal faucet, not the plastic crap the rest of the house has. She is partial to brass so loves this! Underneath, though, it is less professional.

The fitting on the red (hot) line was messed up so I cut the line and used a real flexible basin line spliced to the red PEX line. Notice the lines cross; the whole house has crossed lines since somewhere they screwed up connecting the plumbing and got the hot and cold lines crossed under the floor!

But it works and, best of all, doesn’t leak! Lol.