The Pond

Across the dirt road from the swallows was a pond. It used to be bigger but the new owners are letting the reeds fill it in.

I got excited thinking there were beavers in the ponds but they were only ducks when we got closer. This is where the swallows are feeding. The surface of the pond was alive with ripples from insects.

The dam to create the pond is at left next to the road. The overflow drops several feet beneath the road. There is no stream feeding this pond; it is entirely spring fed. It had managed to stay full even with the prolonged drought we have had.

Tree Fences

At the rest stop where I took the river pictures, I noticed all the trees near the river had chicken wire “skirts”.

There are no beavers in the Arkansas River so I never did figure out for sure what this was about; maybe they come from nearby tributaries. The best I could come up with were muskrats but don’t think they chew trees! But whatever the problem is, the ARHA went to a lot of trouble to resolve it!

The White River

During Donna’s trip for her ultrasound, about halfway there the river turned white! On the way back we caught back up with the miles of white.

My first reaction was that this was industrial pollution. I remember when Fountain Creek in the Springs looked just like this. It turned out to be discharged fly ash from the power plant.

But we learned at the Cotopaxi Store, where we stopped for a snack, that this is from Chalk Creek above Salida and happens after every big rain.