My Doc Appt

Today I went to see my urologist as a followup from my last hospital stay. I have never had such a whirlwind visit. Doc seemed more concerned about my pee bags not being strapped down than anything. Ultimately he decided to do some replumbing on my back when he replaces my kidney stents on August 7. He is hoping to simply all the tubing on my back. OTOH, it bothered me he had no concern for my kidney functions.

In answer to one of my cell texters, Yes, I had a nice lunch of an overdone petite sirloin and veggies I am not supposed to be eating! Lol. I am rarely sick enough to go see a doctor and not eat. 😉

My Hospital Room

My Hospital Room

Being in Parkview, I am well connected. My new cell works well down there, of course. The thing half under my pillow is the call button but most of the staff communications from me involve the phone on the night stand.

Everyone has a phone so I can call my CNA, the nurse, or for food. It works well if you dial the number correctly! Or the recipient is not on the phone. It does speed up staff responses.

But in the bathroom, ya still have to pull a call cord. And the response from the nurses station only talks to the rest of room! Oops.

The bowl is from home and is for nausea.

Back in the Saddle

After several medical crises which affected my blogging, I will get back on line. I did manage to post to FB some but not here. Part of the reason was a stroke which made typing accurately impossible. I am slowly getting ovr that.


I just returned Saturday from a week at Parkview Hospital in Pueblo. I had NO kidney functions when I was admitted. Two surgeries and a body modification later, I have one functioning kidney.


I have a host of other problems, all of which stem from my cancer spreading. This is not what I expected in my retirement.

Back to Parkview

After my last visit to this hospital, I have had a catheter installed. It has not been a problem and this weekend was to be its last hurrah. We were to remove the thing Monday. The urologist wanted to be available in case there were a problem.

On my last visit, the doctor removed a lot of cancerous tissue from my bladder using his handy-dandy laser cutter. I gathered his concern was due to the large amount of tissue removed and whether what is left will function properly.

But now I am having some pain from my kidneys. The flow is just not adequate, especially if I am lying down. Not very restful and is getting worse. So I finally connected with my urologist late last night and we agree we would met at Parkiew when he gets back to town this afternoon.

Donna and I debated our possibilities and, even before he called, decided to wait to go. I was not in crisis mode so waiting seemed reasonable. Especially on a Saturday night!

So we packed our bags. I took another Vicodin and went back to bed. The doctor called back several hours later and we reached agreement.

So the first order of business is a CATscan to determine where the blockage is. This is not the course I expected my disease to follow.

My Urologist Visit

On Jan 11, I went to see my Urologist in Pueblo. A took him the copy of the CD of my CATScan in the ER. Donna went with but was tired so she slept in the Escape while I had fun.

I got my shots of Firmagon, which were painless. So I have two lumps on my belly (my depots) which became tender to pressure and itch. The doctor somehow sited them perfectly so that when I press against the kitchen counter, I back right off! Doc told me these two shots were 120mg each but my next one will be only 80 mg. It is NOT oil based but water based; the subcutaneous siting inhibits the uptake so it lasts a month.

He had someone set up the CD of my innards while he shot me. After I was dressed, he asked me out to look at it with him. He pointed out the “mass” in my bladder which was more like a gray shadow and showed me the small stone hanging in my kidney. Then he casually asked me if it were OK to take a look in my bladder while I was there. I agreed since Donna was sleeping.

It was interesting how the doctor’s demeanor changed. He was less assured about the cancer treatment, not in the sense he seemed incompetent but more like he could not assure me the injections would cure me. But once we got into regular urology stuff, he was The Doctor! (My GP later explained that is common since cancer is generally incurable and “life extension” is not what doctors wanna do. He didn’t want to take over my injections!)

I returned to the waiting room while they worked me in for another exam. Which didn’t take long. Then I was taken to a different exam room and told to lower my pants.

[Lurid details skipped]

After his looking around, he connected the scope to a TV thingy so I could see. He explained my bladder shows signs of damage, presumably from my radiation therapy; the damage made the walls look like tiles, not smooth as they should be. There was no sign of the mysterious shadow thing. My prostate looks battered and pink.

It took me three days to get over this exam! But it went well and he will get me ultrasounded in the near future. Unless I develop kidney pain if the “cloud” blocks my ureter.

Irish Pubs in Pueblo

I was told there were Irish pubs in Pueblo. I was surprised and went to see for myself. This is an old, Hispanic city so having two Irish pubs seemed out of character.

The first I visited was the Cock and Bull Tavern. I wasn’t impressed; it just seemed like just another dark bar to me. But they had food so I ordered a “slopper”. I didn’t know it at the time but this is a classic Pueblo invention, consisting of an open face hamburger smothered in green chili. They were even featured on the Travel Channels “Food Wars”. The slopper was delicious!

My next visit (the next evening) was to the Irish Pub and Grille. Also known as the Shamrock Brewing Company, this is a classic Irish brewpub. The available beers each day are written on a blackboard; there were eight different beers the day I was there. This place celebrates their Irish! And drinking.

This is one of the bartenders.

I tried some of the beers (They will let you have free samples. The brewed root beer is good, too!). In the men’s room are posters advertizing their products. It was covered with glass and my phone didn’t take a very good picture.

What got my attention on this was a blurb about their “chili beer”! It isn’t brewed with chilis but is allowed some contact time to add flavor. They don’t mention it on their (PDF) website so I assume this is a chili festival brew.

They brag about their corned beef on their menu being cooked for ten hours. The sandwich was good but the corned beef was not as tender as I expected for all that cooking!

The place expanded into the next store front in 2005 for an expansion of the dining area and the brewing section.

Overall, the Irish Pub and Grille comes highly recommended by me. As do sloppers in general!