The Falcon

Donna and I were preparing our lunch yesterday. The front door was open at the time to catch all the sun we could before it went away again. It was very windy and had sprinkled earlier. Suddenly there was loud bang at the front door!

I assumed something had blown into the glass but, since I didn’t hear tinkling noises, was sure the door hadn’t broken. Everyone but Stubbs (He was asleep somewhere.) rushed to the door. What to my wondering eyes did appear but a very stunned Peregrine Falcon! It was wandering around on the front porch, a bit dazed. It was a young one and it amazed me by flying away before I could got my camera. 😦

This picture looks similar to the little guy on my porch. In 2001 we had lots of these around eating our Siskins at the feeders when they were reintroduced into the Royal Gorge. Birds are a staple of their diet. They have become less numerous the last few years. The adults are about the size of a crow.

I assume this one was hungry, saw our window as an opening, and decided to come in to see what was for lunch. I am glad it was cold and they were closed!

As I watched him in his disorientation, I was hoping he would recover and we would not have to nurse it back to health. We do that by putting the injured bird in the cat carrier until it recovers. Or dies. Often they have serious brain damage and don’t survive. But this guy obviously has a hard head!

One wag, when I texted about it, thought it would make a great pet! I could wear it on my shoulder in my pirate outfit. So badass!