My Hospital Room

My Hospital Room

Being in Parkview, I am well connected. My new cell works well down there, of course. The thing half under my pillow is the call button but most of the staff communications from me involve the phone on the night stand.

Everyone has a phone so I can call my CNA, the nurse, or for food. It works well if you dial the number correctly! Or the recipient is not on the phone. It does speed up staff responses.

But in the bathroom, ya still have to pull a call cord. And the response from the nurses station only talks to the rest of room! Oops.

The bowl is from home and is for nausea.

Leg Stockings

Leg Stockings

These are very tight stockings in an attempt to reduce the swelling in my legs. It felt good but didn’t shrink my legs.

One of my friends requested I post a picture of these. 🙂

Back in the Saddle

After several medical crises which affected my blogging, I will get back on line. I did manage to post to FB some but not here. Part of the reason was a stroke which made typing accurately impossible. I am slowly getting ovr that.


I just returned Saturday from a week at Parkview Hospital in Pueblo. I had NO kidney functions when I was admitted. Two surgeries and a body modification later, I have one functioning kidney.


I have a host of other problems, all of which stem from my cancer spreading. This is not what I expected in my retirement.

Back to Parkview

After my last visit to this hospital, I have had a catheter installed. It has not been a problem and this weekend was to be its last hurrah. We were to remove the thing Monday. The urologist wanted to be available in case there were a problem.

On my last visit, the doctor removed a lot of cancerous tissue from my bladder using his handy-dandy laser cutter. I gathered his concern was due to the large amount of tissue removed and whether what is left will function properly.

But now I am having some pain from my kidneys. The flow is just not adequate, especially if I am lying down. Not very restful and is getting worse. So I finally connected with my urologist late last night and we agree we would met at Parkiew when he gets back to town this afternoon.

Donna and I debated our possibilities and, even before he called, decided to wait to go. I was not in crisis mode so waiting seemed reasonable. Especially on a Saturday night!

So we packed our bags. I took another Vicodin and went back to bed. The doctor called back several hours later and we reached agreement.

So the first order of business is a CATscan to determine where the blockage is. This is not the course I expected my disease to follow.