My 2/9 Cancer Update — Supplemental

I got a reply from one of my friends about my update:

Cancer does indeed take you to unexpected places – and to a meeting with unexpected people.

I found that the other cancer patients were hard to get to know. It’s as if no one wants to make a friend that might be taken away before you go. But even causal contact is interesting – if you can get them to open up – and if you can open up. Sharing your experiences – and your concerns – seems to lessen the burden somehow.

Something about happiness shared is doubled and grief shared is halved.

This reminded me of one thing that happened on Wednesday. While I was at a meeting before my trip to my urologist, Donna got a call from a friend who lives up the river a ways. Bob is an artist who lives in Coaldale and also has prostate cancer. He went a different route than I did, driving to Denver to University Hospital for treatment. Our treatment was entirely different; he had his prostate frozen with liquid argon.

But we have now reached similar places: recurrence. He is gonna get refrozen. I have no idea what I am gonna do. But we can go on and on about art (“Christo is coming!), politics (He makes me look like a moderate!); and local politics. He runs a blog about local politics.

But our connection is our cancer and how we are coping. We talked for an hour. We originally met over our volunteer fire department and have kept in touch. But he is the only fellow patient I know.