A Visit With my Son

I spent yesterday afternoon with Jeff. I had driven up to deliver some Christmas presents. Only I realized, halfway down the mountain, I had forgotten the basket they were in! So back up I went! I called Donna to warn her I was on my way and she asked why. I told her to get the basket that is sitting on the living room floor! Her reaction was, “Oh, yeah! There they are!”. That added a half hour to the trip. Made me feel senile.

I got there and he discovered one of his presents from us on his front porch. He is upset by the parcel delivery guys leaving them out where anyone walking by his house (and many people do since the bus stop is two doors up) can see it and steal the boxes. But, to his knowledge, no one has.

I was hungry so we went to lunch shortly after I arrived. For reasons I don’t understand, I had been thinking of Jose Muldoons, a Mexican restaurant downtown, and he agreed to that. He has recently learned he is lactose intolerant and Mexican food usually has lots of cheese on it! But he was sure he would find something he could enjoy.

I had a smothered burrito and he ended up with a modified taco salad. Fortunately his waitress picked up on his problem and asked the right questions, including “Do you want sour cream on it?”. She kept calling us “gentlemen” and I kept telling her not to because we weren’t! I finally gave up on that! She was very personable and attractive.

She reminded me of someone and when I asked, she listed relatives in the Springs and in Denver but not in Canon. I could not remember her name but it was Maureen or something similar that started with an M; I was counting on it being on the receipt. But that only had a number!

I never did think of who it was I was reminded of until I was on my way home.

Michelle! From my eye doctor’s office! I will have to call and see if they are related. Later Jeff asked me if she really did remind me of someone or was I just flirting! I have no idea where he gets these ideas. 😉

We talked politics, gossiped about the family members not present, and enjoyed being together. We did some shopping then went back to his house for a game of dominoes with a marked set: the double 5 has a flawed back so we are supposed to not peek while shuffling or drawing our hands. He won.

The presents were irrelevant but more of an excuse to spend time together! I am proud of him for the life he has created with his mice and four cats in his new house. And for becoming as cynical as his Dad!