My New Imus Map

I don’t even recall how I heard about this map but I think it was on someone’s blog. It sounded cool so I bought one and I went to the back order list! The response was way more than his [unamed] supplier/publisher expected! Then I got the thing. It is huge: 4′ by 32″ for the actual map.

I suggest opening this image in a new window/tab and enlarging to full size. I made it deliberately large so you can see some detail on it.

Donna and I are still figuring out where to put this; we already have maps (world, US, CO, and NM) on our hall wall but this one takes as much room as all the others together!

Anyway, when I took it out of the envelop, this is what I saw.

The cartographer, David Imus, spent two years and 5000 (or 6000, depending whose telling the story!) hours creating this map. One wag referred to him as OCD which was my own first reaction! As he says,

Americans are notoriously oblivious about geography, says professional cartographer David Imus, and he’s on a mission to change that.

Imus, 53, blames the lack of knowledge partly on mapmakers, who largely manufacture two-dimensional, political maps.

And he is big on historical and other sites; I have never seen the Granada Internment Camp marked on a map before (eastern Colorado). Nor have I noticed the Northern Divide on a map; this is the place mostly along the US-Canadian border where rivers run north or south.

He even created his own color and other schemes to make it more readable and less cluttered.

This is Colorado and I found one error and one peculiarity. The error is where he put the name “Royal Gorge”; he doesn’t use arrows to indicate where the location is so this has “Big Horn Sheep Canyon” labeled as the Gorge. The Gorge is east (down river) of the location on his map.

But I am nitpicking. One interesting thing was the town name of Buena Vista just below the second “o” in Colorado. He could not bring himself to overlay the town name with the state name!

One thing I had to look up was “Great Sand Dunes NP & P”; when they created the National Park for the dunes, it was two things: the NP and the Preserve. The mountains east of the dunes is the preserve.

Oh, yeah, CDT stands for Continental Divide Trail. I had to look that one up, too!

This is an amazing map and well worth the money. They are caught up orders so get yours today at Imus’ website.