My Trip to Denver: Day Two

This was the day of the CASB Winter Legislative Conference. I was awake when the Super texted me that his room had no water but he had a plumber in the tub. Lol. I offered my shower but they were moving him to another room. It seemed this delegation was cursed. 🙂

The first meeting of the day was for Board Presidents. I actually managed to get there early! Mostly for food and coffee! And to say good bye to Randy Black, a CASB employee.

But I was surprised when my #2, Donna, our Vice President, came in and joined us. Each Prez (and two VPs) took turns telling their problems and what they thought was most important to their district (money!). I was amazed how different we all were; some districts are small cities while some make a good sized class! Donna was very articulate; I was proud of her. And hearing their tales of woe made me feel much better about my own district! And I told them that!

One would think each district was the center of the Colorado educational universe. Maybe I am not cut out for this job!

Afterward, I told Randy I would not be at any more CASB events and that I would miss him. I explained why when he asked; he was a bit incoherent, as most people are when the subject of cancer comes up.

Afterward Donna went to the next session and I went back to bed. But woke up for lunch, dressed and went back downstairs. Turns out this was the best meal of the conference. With the added bonus of having to listen toColorado Lieutenant Governor Garcia speak. It sounded like a campaign speech! Lol. But he is a former educator so could speak authoritatively to us.

Back to my room for more rest. This being so lethargic sucks. My last event of the day was a marathon session reviewing the legislation pending in the legislature.

Finally it wound down and I went on to dinner with a friend at Annie’s on E. Colfax.

It seemed odd to be winding up my life already but there was no doubt by now that I am limited in what I can do. Thank the Goddess for the Internet to keep in touch. Little did I realize the next day would be even more significant.