The Kilt

I was in Dairy Queen having lunch (sinful chili cheese dogs) and another patron got my attention with his attire. A very nice kilt! It was black and I never realized how practical they are — in summer anyway!

It looked very similar to this:

This is so cool with all those cargo pockets! This one is a Workman’s model Utilikilt. A heavy duty, $260 cotton duck kilt. I am not guaranteeing that is what he was wearing but it is close! With his full McGregor head of reddish-brown hair, beard, and mustache, he would look like a candidate for a Celtic kilt!

I didn’t care for his blue, tailored blouse but it wouldn’t have looked good on me anyway! OTOH, he was a big guy in his 20s; nobody is likely to criticize his clothing taste. Actually I told him I liked the kilt!