My Doc Appt

Today I went to see my urologist as a followup from my last hospital stay. I have never had such a whirlwind visit. Doc seemed more concerned about my pee bags not being strapped down than anything. Ultimately he decided to do some replumbing on my back when he replaces my kidney stents on August 7. He is hoping to simply all the tubing on my back. OTOH, it bothered me he had no concern for my kidney functions.

In answer to one of my cell texters, Yes, I had a nice lunch of an overdone petite sirloin and veggies I am not supposed to be eating! Lol. I am rarely sick enough to go see a doctor and not eat. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Leg Stockings

Leg Stockings

These are very tight stockings in an attempt to reduce the swelling in my legs. It felt good but didn’t shrink my legs.

One of my friends requested I post a picture of these. ๐Ÿ™‚

My “kidney” Pain

I went to my urologist and got a lesson on where my kidneys are! sigh. About a foot higher than my pain. He quickly determined it was diverticulitis. Partly because he has the same problem, as I have most of my life. That was relief since I know how to manage my diverticulosis. As Donna says, “Don’t worry; be happy!’ Lol. I just need to manage my stress level. But I think he was annoyed I had come to him with this.

So my exciting trip to Pueblo on snow-packed highways was not in vain. I am relieved it wasn’t more serious. I didn’t realize it until tonight but Donna was thinking “dialysis”! I told her I have two kidneys and the right one works great!

Before I left, we had some excitement: a bird smacked itself senseless against a window of our house! She put her boots and coat on over her nightgown and found it buried in the snow in the 8ยฐ. We already had a wounded bird that Kimi had brought in last week and had been “living” with me in a cat carrier. I call it “Bird”.

I found it “dead” on the kitchen floor one morning. Until I tried to pick it up by the tail!! Carrier time! It didn’t struggle when I picked it up and set it in the mesh cage. We put finch food and water in the jar lids. It has been with us for about a week.

Anyway, Donna put the injured bird, a Junco, in with it. Later, she went in to check on the new bird and it flew out of the carrier!! OK, it had recovered! But she couldn’t catch it while I showered. After my shower, I went in my bedroom to dress, closing the door behind me. It flew around and I didn’t pay much attention until Donna came in saying, “You let it get out!”. “No, I didn’t! It must have gone under the door!”. Off she went with her fish net to catch it! She got it while I dressed when it went in my bathroom and she released it outdoors.

Bird was very agitated afterward. I told it when it can fly like that, we will let it go. But it also didn’t like that strange human putting her hand in its space. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then, when I tried to leave in the Montero, it wouldn’t start. So I had to brush snow off both vehicles to leave! But the Escape did quite well on the icy and snow-packed roads. So this was an interesting day all the way!

I also stopped by my MMJ supplier for some more elixir (Hey, the doc said I had to manage my stress! Kind of.). But they were out; she said they expected later today but I wondered if that was BS and they were having a cash flow problem. She tried to sell me some fresh product but I told her I couldn’t afford the pot and the vaporizer, her spectacular cleavage notwithstanding. Just not a good day in general.

All this for something that was a false alarm. But my pain is about gone. Must have been the spicy Popeye’s chicken strips I had for lunch!


Or at least this blog seems to be becoming a collection of whines! That isn’t my intention. But good news is soo boring! Lol.

My shoulder pain is completely gone like it never happened! It is back to the normal tenderness when pressed or hit. I guess the feeding frenzy is over!

Lily is doing well from her surgery but has quit eating suddenly. Her meds have ended and maybe she is feeling some pain. If this persists, she will be seeing her vet.

I have had a mild pain in my side since about Lily’s surgery and had attributed it to my diverticulitis caused by the stress of all the stuff going on and knew it would get better in a week or so. But it didn’t and this weekend got much worse. Since it hurts more, it is easier to locate in my body! Now I am sure it is my left kidney. I couldn’t get in to see my GP until Friday so called my urologist and I now have a 2 PM appointment with him. He is normally an hour and a half away (Pueblo) but I am allowing 2 hours due the snow. I am sure this is unrelated to my cancer; just another one of my old man’s problems!

I had all intentions of not moving from the house today!