My Urologist Visit

On Jan 11, I went to see my Urologist in Pueblo. A took him the copy of the CD of my CATScan in the ER. Donna went with but was tired so she slept in the Escape while I had fun.

I got my shots of Firmagon, which were painless. So I have two lumps on my belly (my depots) which became tender to pressure and itch. The doctor somehow sited them perfectly so that when I press against the kitchen counter, I back right off! Doc told me these two shots were 120mg each but my next one will be only 80 mg. It is NOT oil based but water based; the subcutaneous siting inhibits the uptake so it lasts a month.

He had someone set up the CD of my innards while he shot me. After I was dressed, he asked me out to look at it with him. He pointed out the “mass” in my bladder which was more like a gray shadow and showed me the small stone hanging in my kidney. Then he casually asked me if it were OK to take a look in my bladder while I was there. I agreed since Donna was sleeping.

It was interesting how the doctor’s demeanor changed. He was less assured about the cancer treatment, not in the sense he seemed incompetent but more like he could not assure me the injections would cure me. But once we got into regular urology stuff, he was The Doctor! (My GP later explained that is common since cancer is generally incurable and “life extension” is not what doctors wanna do. He didn’t want to take over my injections!)

I returned to the waiting room while they worked me in for another exam. Which didn’t take long. Then I was taken to a different exam room and told to lower my pants.

[Lurid details skipped]

After his looking around, he connected the scope to a TV thingy so I could see. He explained my bladder shows signs of damage, presumably from my radiation therapy; the damage made the walls look like tiles, not smooth as they should be. There was no sign of the mysterious shadow thing. My prostate looks battered and pink.

It took me three days to get over this exam! But it went well and he will get me ultrasounded in the near future. Unless I develop kidney pain if the “cloud” blocks my ureter.

Another Urologist Appointment

This was my regular 3 month Lupron injection. But when the doctor saw my PSA results, he changed the plan! It was over 8!

Instead of getting three month’s injection, he gave me one month’s worth. Next month he will change to a different drug “for situations like mine”. But I don’t know the name. He has to order it and I will get it the 27th. That drug has to be given monthly. In my abdomen. sigh.

The curve of my PSA results shows it rising in a non-linear manner.

They took another blood sample to see what the increase in one month is. Based on this chart, I estimate the results will be near 9.5.

This was the thing he was talking about when I get to 9. But he assured me any talk of chemo will be when I get in higher (?) double digits.

So my adventure continues.

My Retina Test

Donna and I went down the river to Pueblo today for me to get a retina scan at Retina Specialists. Expecting the worst, I took an Ibuprofen before I went in. Good thing.

I knew my left eye had worse vision than 6 weeks before. An eye test confirmed it. When the doctor came in, he said, “Since your vision is worse, I don’t think you need an angiogram and we should go ahead and give you an injection. Is that all right?”

What is one to say when a doctor says that? I muttered “yeah”.

So the process for getting a treatment began and soon it was over. sigh.

I asked how many of these I could get and he said some of his patients have gotten them every 6 weeks for a year! joy.

My Urologist Appointment

This morning I did my library duty then had lunch in the school cafeteria: spaghetti with cheese sauce and chicken. I wasn’t the only one who found this a unique experience among the staff! Lol. But it was good.

Then I headed down the river from Cotopaxi to Pueblo for some time to bond with my urologist. By the time I got to Pueblo, the temperature was near 100°. Thank the Goddess for air conditioning! The doctor’s office was downtown and the waiting room was packed! I figured a long wait.

The receptionist handed me the cup for a urine specimen. She was having her birthday Friday then joked if I thought she was 25. I told her i did then asked how old she was. “32” she replied and I told her she looked like 25. She thanked me! Then I used the cup. By the time I had settled in a chair, the nurse called me in!

When she ushered me into an exam room, she asked if I had an infection. I said no, I didn’t and asked why she asked. “Because I gave a urine specimen.” I explained it is a urologist office and they always want one and the receptionist handed me the plastic cup. Even the doctor asked me. Made me wonder.

Turns out most the people waiting were first timers and were doing paperwork. So in I went. And the doctor didn’t waste any time either. My primary purpose for the visit was to get another injection of Lupron, my primary hormone suppression drug. He actually asked me which brand I wanted! What did I know! Lol. He picked the same brand I had been using.

He found my taking pictures amusing. Then he mixed up the brew for my butt.

I didn’t know this was a binary drug but he had to mix it up; it wasn’t milky looking until he mixed it. Interesting. Nice needle, too.

I leaned over the exam table and relaxed. Then yelped when the needle hit a nerve! Normally I don’t even feel the injection since it really is on my lower back.

I was kinda embarrassed by my reaction. I will be getting these every 3 months for the rest of my life.