A Visit with my Son in Colorado Springs

He lives about 75 miles away but, due to our roads up here, it takes an hour and a half to get there. Or two hours if Donna drives. Which she did going. She does not like to drive CO115 between Penrose and Colorado Springs because it is crowded with traffic and winding but went through Pueblo West then over to I25 at the Speedway north of Pueblo by way of Purcell Blvd.

The distance from Penrose to Pueblo adds about 20 miles to the trip. Lily went with us and mostly enjoyed the trip but was not happy with being a “second class citizen” at Jeff’s house! His cats got to (read: have to) stay in the house and she had to stay in the front yard!

Anyway, we had a nice visit to see his new house. And he kicked my ass at backgammon!

Jeff is at center. Lol. And I got half of Donna! I am still learning the quirks of my new phone’s camera! The trees at top are the lower branches of two huge Blue Spruces!

We made him a housewarming gift: a pot of Aloe Vera. We bought a pot for them and divided this monster plant.

This plant is over 15 years old and did need dividing! LOl. I had decided to do the surgery on the front porch using a door mat for catching the flying dirt. I chose a steak knife for a scalpel!

But most of the work was done with my fingers untangling roots while keeping the poor thing immersed in water. By the time I finished, I had a pot with 5 plants in it!

It looks kinda straggly and I don’t think he was that impressed!

We had a secondary mission: getting a stock of yakitori sauce from the House of Yakitori. They had closed the restaurant where we had gotten it before so I called around and we went for dinner and sauce. We bought four of these interesting bottles.

They don’t stock these but filled them while we ate.

It was a very good trip but we were three tired, old beings by the time we got home!