My Right “Sleeve”

Working with the medical people in my life, I am filling out my right arm’s tats.

The upper one is the new one. My visiting nurse tried (three times to get a blood specimen. No luck. This old fart just will not cooperate! I ended up going to the Centura draw center where I knew it would go well. It did.

My Arm Tats

OK. They aren’t tats even though these hematomas are aging.

The left one is the result of an IV attempt in Parkview on July 8. It is not abating very rapidly but do change shape as they “evolve”. The other is the result of a blood draw on July 20 by my GP. If I keep getting these, I will have full tatoo sleeves in a few months.

Donna’s Belly

This is what her belly looked like the day before the doctor took her stitches out. I winced when I see the hematoma around her navel. She said it is not tender.

She is doing very good after all her ordeal. She just has to not eat fat for two weeks and not lift anything over 20#. Soon her sexy belly will be back to normal.