Aurora theater shooting: Trauma rooms scrambled to save lives

AURORA — In the early hours of Friday, Children’s Hospital Colorado received word that an ambulance was on its way with a female patient in full arrest.


She had three severe injuries to her lower chest and abdomen.

A team of at least six attending doctors and residents and five or six nurses were ready in an operating room to work on the woman.


As a former ER volunteer, this was my first thought: the shit was hitting the fan all over Denver ERs.

Similar scenes were played out across Aurora and Denver emergency rooms as staffs geared up, calling doctors, nurses and security staff. Even additional custodians were called in when the chaos began after 12:30 a.m.


The injured streamed into six metropolitan Denver emergency rooms in police patrol cars, ambulances and private cars.


Six went to Children’s Hospital; 23 to University of Colorado Hospital; 15 to Medical Center of Aurora; four to Swedish Medical Center; two to Parker Adventist Hospital and six to Denver Health Medical Center. Officials at Emergency Medical Services Command were sending patients to hospitals with available rooms and staffs.

Parker is on the SE side of Denver. I am not sure how that came down but assume the victims were from there. It had to have been a harrowing scene.


In each hospital, emergency room doctors set up triage areas. Patients had gunshot injuries from a high powered rifle, buckshot injuries from a shotgun, shrapnel injuries from flying metal and debris or burns from tear gas.

“We were already having a very busy night,” Sasson said.


ATF: Medical Marijuana Patients Cannot Buy Guns

I guess Donna will have buy our armaments.

From High Times.

A new federal policy bars medical marijuana patients from purchasing firearms and ammunition. Last week the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives sent a memo to federally licensed firearms dealers confirming that it is illegal for medical pot patients to buy guns.