The joy of fat sex — Book Review

This issue came to my attention from an interview with the author, Hanna Blank.

Kirstie Alley inspired a tabloid-frenzy this week with her explanation for why she decided to dramatically lose 100 pounds: “I didn’t want to have fat sex.”

What is it, exactly, about the idea of fat sex that so frightens Alley and inspires such media rubbernecking? And how is fat sex different from any other kind of sex? Who better to answer these questions than Hanne Blank, whose book “Big Big Love: A Sex and Relationships Guide for People of Size (and Those Who Love Them)” just so happened to hit shelves this week. I spoke with Blank, editor of the fat-loving anthology “Zaftig: Well Rounded Erotica,” about everything from sexual myths about the plus-sized to the erotic perks of fatness to bizarre fetishes like “feederism.”

I cringe from use of the word “fat” but I am finding larger women (Men don’t care!) are reclaiming the word for their own use. Unfortunately some skinny women think they are fat!

I have always liked the way Blank thinks because I agree! Big IS beautiful! And sexy!