My Specialist Ophthalmologist Appointment

I have two ophthalmologists, my regular one in Cañon City and one who is specifically for my macular degeneration in Pueblo. For these appointments, Donna comes along as my designated driver to get home.

This one was the best yet: no Flourescein Angiogram; no eye treatment. So I was soon good to go with “eyes wide open”! I was very dilated so Donna still had to drive.

As I waited for her to go potty, a series of emergency vehicles went screaming by: an ambulance followed closely by a police car went past the end of our street then turned onto the perimeter road to go behind the two medical buildings to the east. Soon a fire truck joined them with two police cars. As we left the parking lot, another police car came down the street but non-emergent. This was a total of six responding units. They all disappeared behind the two big buildings, neither of which have any kind of medical care facility, just offices and labs.

Donna didn’t wanna go see! And there was nothing in the news about this run.

Then we went to Hobby Lobby for Donna to shop.

My Eye

I noticed last night my eye looks normal, not like I got a poke in the eye!

Normally at this point after a treatment, it is angry red. It is still sore but doesn’t look as bad as it feels. Lol.

I don’t know what the difference is this time but I won’t scare anyone with my “Devil eye”!