My ER visit of 2012

I hope this is the only one this year! I started having diverticulosis pain over the weekend and by Tuesday morning, the 3rd, I was in serious pain. I expected to hear from my doctor from the tests last Thursday but, it turns out, they were gonna send me a letter about it since the results were so good. The doctor recommended I go to the Emergency Room so Donna and I saddled up for a trip to Cañon City.

We got our stuff and Donna drove us to the hospital on the north side of Cañon about 3:30. This was the first time I had been out of bed since I ate breakfast. She only got lost once when she turned one block too soon off US50 but found her way back on course! The little ER parking lot was full which didn’t sound promising; the last time I was here was about my ministroke and I was the only patient.

The waiting area was empty so the unit clerk took my vitals and tagged me. Then I went back to the waiting area. For a very few minutes then we moved to an exam room. They really only did two things: ran a bunch of lab tests and did a CATScan.

This is one “slice” of me of the about 200 the machine made of my midsection. Red spots are items of interest except the sections of my hip bones at lower left and right. This is the first time I have sought medical attention for a diverticulitis attack; I usually just reduce my stress level and let it run its course. The red speckles are on a section of my colon where it is inflamed. This attack actually began at the beginning of December so has been a long one.

The report mentions a couple of other things I didn’t expect.

The stuff about my bladder, kidney, and spleen were new to me! I go in for one thing and three more show up! Which will involve both my GP and my urologist who are in different counties from me. In opposite directions, one up the river (Salida) and another down the river (Pueblo).

The ER also did a bunch of blood tests. They were all normal or close. I am so healthy.

So they ended up giving me two scripts for antibiotics: metronidazole 500 MG 4x/day and Ciprofloxcin 750 MG 2X/day also called Cipro..