The Duckett Fire — Finally Declared “Out”

After four months, the USFS has declared the Duckett Fire southwest of us near Hillside CO as extinguished. The active fire was out in early August but the Forest Service is conservative about saying it was over because

Though there has been no indication that the fire continued to smolder, roots can keep burning for extended periods, Hurley said. Local forestry technicians Jeff Outhier and Darrell Bressan have been keeping an eye on the area. Infrared aircraft checks have shown no indication of hot spots. It was noted that even the Sand Gulch fire near Wetmore popped back up again after a couple months but was quickly extinguished.

It burned 4690 acres. I have several LJ entries about the fire.

This map doesn’t include all the acreage but this was the best I found.

But the forest is already recovering in spite of the dry summer.

Those little trees are aspens coming up from the roots of burned adults. Oaks will also slowly come back and the forest will begin to rejuvenate itself.