Alternative Medical Remedies

Also known as my Pot Shop. And now officially my MMJ Provider. (Their FaceBook page) I had an interesting visit with two of the staff. This is a family operation and the father was there when I arrived. He entered me in the computer, photocopied my MMJ card, and talked me out of growing my own! I had already figured out that this was gonna be a lot of work: watering, trimming, raising the lights as they grow, and fertilizing. Then the harvesting process, called manicuring, is laborious and actually involves three different cuttings of the mature pot plant.

They claimed — and may be right — that it will cost as much to grow my own as it is to buy theirs and it will be much less potent. Due to my own time limits, I agreed to buy from them. When I became their patient/client, I got a 20% price reduction on all their dozens of varieties of MMJ. In return, the plants I could grow are transferred to them. If I change my mind, I can remove them but for now, this is the best move, I think.

I was VERY annoyed I could not even see the grow room! All the card got me was admission to the sales room. They wouldn’t even take a picture of the grow room for me. Soo . . .

This is the display of gadgets: bongs, vaporizers, and edibles. The black boxes on the left end of the second shelf are the vaporizers. They are $150 but on sale for $130. I was gonna do a layaway at her suggestion but she changed her mind and just made the sale price a longer term offer

The orange blob to the right of the necklace is the bong she liked. It is an eight chamber water pipe! And cost over $150; I admired the skill of making it. I bought one of the little bottles on the top shelf and one item from the larger bowl on the bottom one. I will get back to them.

This is the upper tier of product. And clothing. 😉 The sack on top of the counter is my purchase. The gadget on the left on top is their scale.

And the lower tier of pot. The bottom shelf has storage containers. I was just gonna put my pot in a baggie in the fridge. She said the danger is freezing; if the MMJ freezes, the little “resin glands” or stalked glandular tricomes which grow on the buds and leaves fall off. They are small and the Book recommends a 50x scope to look at them.

Isn’t this beautiful! This picture is a micrograph of a bud. The beads on the trichomes is almost pure THC. These are not ready for harvest since they are not yet yellowish.

There were white boards of the strains and edibles but I didn’t take separate pictures of them. Sorry. I did get part of the prices.

The fractions are parts of an ounce. This is for the high tier stuff. Is this market value? The internet says so: Canon City, Colorado $30 an eighth high quality August 19, 2011; State Average High Quality $290.11 which is $36.26 for an 1/8. So it is higher but so is the THC level; street pot is much lower than medical grade. Medical strains run between 15 and 19% THC; street pot now runs about 10%. So yeah, the premium is worth it.

I postponed buying the vaporiser until next month or later due to the medical expenses we are enjoying. So I got a “tootsie roll” as they called it.

This is a chocolate candy with 100 MG of THC. She recommended a dose of 1/8 of it. I can understand why they call it a “bank roll” at this price! Lol.

I also bought a bottle of tincture. The cautions are a hoot!

I will be using some of this in my wine shortly.