I was sitting on the front porch at sunset when a large doe came in sight. This isn’t unusual but the rest of the herd came on in view. Eight of them and five of them fawns! And two of them still had spots. Now this was unusual.

Lily is on full alert with all those big animals around! Even though they have moved on down the hill.

Lounging Buck

I awoke this morning and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a young buck, lying under our feeder tree!

He is not a stranger to us. He likes to raid our bird feeders and we have a heated water tub for wildlife. But this is the most comfortable I have ever seen him here, lying out of the snow in the early morning sunlight, chewing his cud.

He is even facing away from the house, knowing he will hear if any of our predators come out the pet door. But all of them are intimidated by him!! Even Lily won’t approach him but will sit and watch him, just in case! She politely doesn’t bark, either.

I have no idea how long he had been here when I got up but he lay there an hour and half I know of. He is safe from coyotes inside the fence. But I am suspecting he was watching for does to come by. We have never seen him with any; I guess his hanging with humans puts them off!

He seems to know these humans are not gonna fill the freezer with him.


I can’t see either of my cats doing this!