“Bird” Passed Away

This poor Siskin was not happy nor was it getting better; it would never fly again. I found it dead in the carrier yesterday morning.

He shared my bed for about 2 weeks. I kinda miss him but know this is best. We have no idea what happened to bring on its demise. A broken heart for being a prisoner?

Remembering Dad

My brother sent me an e-mail reminding me that yesterday was the anniversary of Dad’s passing away.

We lost him a year ago yesterday. I was thinking 19th, but it
was the 17th. I think of him often, remembering. We were lucky
to have had such a good father. JG

I would likely have remembered when his birthday came up next week but it was good to get the reminder.

This is a picture of the picture of him being formally awarded his Purple Heart from WWII while he was at Big Spring.