Cold Morning Cloud

I went out to do my snow measurements the other morning and this cloud lay along the side of Deer Mountain, the mountain to the south of us.

The air under it was clear (and cold!). No wind. This is very rare since the cold air flows off the mountain across our place. Usually the inversion layer lies in the flatlands below us to the north.

Almost Rain

This line of clouds immediately to the west of us only got us a trace of moisture.

But the thunder was neat!

Crying Clouds

This morning we had unusual cloud formations.

The “tails” reminded me of veils of tears falling from the little clouds. These are altocumulus clouds, according to my official NOAA cloud chart, middle altitude clouds up to 23,000 feet. I do know the airliners were above them.

The individual clouds didn’t move much but the tails were obviously blowing in the wind! On the ground we had hardly any wind. This phenomenon was mostly in the southern skies. I assume it is related to the cold fronts moving through. The streams were moving toward the SE.

I don’t expect any moisture from all this!