My LED Lamps

I recently changed out our light bulbs to CFLs. At least those inside the house. Then my son gave me four (4) LED lights for Christmas! They are supposedly 60 watt equivalents; so were the CFLs. But the actual light is measured in lumens. The incandescents were rated at 800 or so lumens. Those marked “long life” yield much less light which is why they last longer. The CFLs I had were discount bulbs and were 50 watt equivalents, using 11 watts; they were rated at 800 lumens.

And they worked good if you don’t mind the brief hesitation when they start and the several minutes before they reach full light. OTOH, the LED has a second or two pause before they come on but start at full brightness.

The CFL is almost the same size as a standard light bulb but the LED is noticeably longer. And heavier. Most of the length is NOT the lighting portion; the electronics are in the metal base.

So we changed out two kitchen lamps to the LEDs which barely fit in the fixture.

The difference was stunning in how bright the kitchen was! The rated lumens are about the same but the LED light is MUCH brighter! So much that we decided NOT to put them in our reading lamps. All I can figure is that most of the light from the LED bulb is directed downward while the other bulbs are more multidirectional. Lighting the ceiling is not a big priority for us. Lol.

There is not much difference between the CFL and the LED in watts but much difference in the light created.

Anyway, I used two of the LEDs in the kitchen and eventually one for the front porch light. That one doesn’t light the yard as much but our porch is brighter!

Since I really just replaced two CFLs with the LEDs and the front porch incandescent with an LED, the net savings was 44.5 watts. But these are lights we use a lot so there will be a lot of watt-hours of saving.

And one of the best parts is the 5 year warranty! Thanks, Scott.

Our Yule

We had a good Yule. I ate too much shrimp but am unrepentant! We also had stuffed acorn squash, bread sticks, and Champagne. While we ate, we could see the line of icicles along the patio roof in the outside lights. That really added to the Yule spirit! As did the single digit temps!

We had our gift exchange. Donna seemed more interested in her glass whistling teakettle than anything! I ordered it because her coffee pot didn’t make her tea water hot enough; then I broke the carafe on it and got another Mr. Coffee which keeps water hot. So the teapot may be extraneous!

I got an electronic Scrabble dictionary but am figuring out how to use it for FB’s Words With Friends; I have some tough opponents and could use a little help against them! I got a couple of SF books, some LED light “bulbs”, some clothes, and some rawhide chews. Oh, wait. Those were Lily’s. Lol.

Even with the cold temps last night (6 was the lowest we saw.), our water didn’t freeze. Yay!

Tonight we will be in Cañon City for dinner with my other son, Scott, and his family. And to give them the various “stocking stuffer” gifts we have.

The boys will celebrate Christmas at their Mother’s house. I will celebrate it in my own bed!

What Christmas Is About — satirical video