Our Cats’ Trauma

During our trip to see Jeff, the cats were left here “alone”. Normally they just sleep when the humans and dog are gone. But it was dark when we got back. I had left the front porch light and one interior light on.

But when we got home we couldn’t find Kimi! Eventually Donna found her: on the roof! She reluctantly came down. I thought maybe she was looking for birds roosting or something.

But Saturday both cats acted strangely. Extremely cautious. And needing reassurance from all of us. Well, Kimi from Lily; if Stubbs gets friendly with Lily, the dog freaks! During the night Lily barked a LOT! Something had come around and terrorized the cats, is my assumption. But left no indication of what was here nor was anything disturbed.

At least it didn’t get in the house!


I can’t see either of my cats doing this!