My Doc Appt

Today I went to see my urologist as a followup from my last hospital stay. I have never had such a whirlwind visit. Doc seemed more concerned about my pee bags not being strapped down than anything. Ultimately he decided to do some replumbing on my back when he replaces my kidney stents on August 7. He is hoping to simply all the tubing on my back. OTOH, it bothered me he had no concern for my kidney functions.

In answer to one of my cell texters, Yes, I had a nice lunch of an overdone petite sirloin and veggies I am not supposed to be eating! Lol. I am rarely sick enough to go see a doctor and not eat. 😉

My New Oncologist — Preliminary Appointment

I met my new Oncologist and his Czech nurse this afternoon. And the Infusion nurse.

While my hormone therapy is technically a form of chemotherapy, the medical establishment doesn’t see it that way. Doc wants to stop my current hormone suppression to confuse my cancer and then throw some Zometa at it, too. Zometa will help my bones get stronger while helping suppress my cancer.

There are supposed to be few side effects so I consented to the treatment. I know I didn’t want to get chemotherapy but my objection was to the debilitating effect of the therapy.

Since I already had an appointment with my GP next Wednesday, we piggybacked my infusion (A method of putting fluids, including drugs, into the bloodstream. Also called intravenous infusion. ) for the same day.

And Doc wanted my catheter removed. My Urologist had mentioned a surgical solution in his comments to my new Doc. So, as soon as I got home, I called and set up an appointment for tomorrow.

Then the icing on my medical cake: I am having sharp abdominal pain. It seems familiar. Like I am passing the kidney stone found during my January CATscan. And my pee bag has pink liquid.

Status: Charlie

Note: we have so much going on, I decided to post individual updates on each family member.

My body has gone crazy since my last Lupron shot. I had the flare up pain which lasted about 36 hours. And I thought I was done for the year. Nope.

Yesterday afternoon, while out doing errands, it started again. I had gone to town for Hildebrand’s Resident Council meeting followed by a visit to the tire store for a leaking tire repair (valve stem, so a freebie!). Then lunch. Sometime along in here, the pain started, mild at first then increasing.

I had been feeling kinda odd, emotionally, for the two days previously; I never felt rested. And my brain was “fuzzy”. I have been here before, I eventually realized. My “zombie” period in 2008.

Last night I took some aspirin so I could get some sleep. And had a sexy dream! That was both a surprise and not good. That meant I have testosterone running around in my body! No wonder my cancer was achy; it was growing. Again. I have another month until my new treatment.

All this makes me wonder about Abbot Labs’s (the Lupron manufacturer) quality control. Or maybe my body is rebelling (again) against having its hormones suppressed! Or maybe the Casodex isn’t working to inhibit testosterone uptake. I have no way of knowing.

I think I have lost ground to the parasite this month.

My Pain Ebbs

This has been another learning experience! I am positive this was caused by testosterone flare up; makes me wonder if I would have been better off without the Lupron shot! Obviously the Casodex is not blocking the update of testosterone by these cells.

And there is no doubt the stuff is growing on/in my scapula, not my clavicle. Which is more logical since this cancer prefers flat bones, not round ones.

And the scapula has lots of flat! The area of pain about matches the area of my scapula. Donna fondled my back and was unable to discern much difference between the two sides so the parasite is likely IN my bone.

One thing I had learned from my oncologist before he quit was that no one knows if these colonies can also spread the cancer.

I am just glad it is settling back down.

A Cancer Video — or two

I got this from a fellow cancer sufferer on FB. She has opted to not undergo chemo.

This made me cry. I would change the main line to “Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you [alone]” because I am worried about leaving Donna behind.

There aren’t many songs about cancer but I did find this gem from Martina McBride.

My Attitude

While my posts suggest a foreboding of worse things and one of my friends reminded me to see the beauty in the world around me, I am doing fine. All this is really just “chasing numbers” from tests. Symptomatically, I am fine. In fact the last three weeks has been less annoying than usual for some reason.

The only thing different is I am using less OTC pain medication (because I don’t need it) and am forcing myself to keep going when I wanna go take a nap! This occurs mostly when I get home from shopping and am so tempted to leave nonperishables in the car instead of bringing them in.

Being a eunuch isn’t all fun and no games! Lol.

Ways to Treat Advanced Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer starts as a tumor grows in the prostate. Prostate Cancer that spreads outside the prostate gland to the lymph nodes, bones, or further areas is called metastatic prostate cancer. Regrettably at this time, no treatments can cure advanced prostate cancer. Doctors however do have ways to help manage its spread and related symptoms.

For more details on how there aren’t many viable, options for advanced prostate cancer, try this.

My Doctor Appointment

I had an appointment with my GP at his satellite office in Cotopaxi, which is considerably more convenient for me and gets his traffic up at that location (which he wants). On Friday, the patient load was not high so we had a leisurely visit.

This was supposed to be a followup on my TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack or ministroke) of two weeks ago. I mentioned the artifact on the CATScan of my brain that showed I may have had a stroke before. He said it is quite likely I had one if it was not a part of my brain that controlled some function of my body; I would have likely just lost some memory and, naturally, would not remember what I lost! Nice thought.

He mentioned, as a bonus, that cancer patients, for some unknown reason, tend to get strokes more. I am to stay on the 81mg aspirin regimen unless/until I have another one and he will then prescribe a stronger anticoagulant. More “good” thoughts.

I asked him how I would know when my cancer changes to an undifferentiated version and didn’t need testosterone to grow, which would mean my PSA results would no longer be a reliable indicator of cancer growth. He said I wouldn’t! I won’t know until either a bone scan or increasing symptoms of the cancer show it. I was down 3 for 3 this visit!

I mentioned the insect bite on my ankle but didn’t show him. He said it it were a brown recluse, the wound would turn black from necrosis. At least I won this one! Lol.

He did marvel at my quick discharge from the ER. He had assumed I spent hours there, not one and one half hours.

I thanked him for this cheery visit making him laugh. He likes me as a patient since he doesn’t have to sugar coat things. He can just say it and he knows I am not gonna fall apart or go nutso. 🙂

A Nickelback Video: If Today Was Your Last Day

This one really hit home for me. It might be . . .

My Attitude

Tuesday morning I woke feeling energetic and alert. This has persisted through today. And it makes me nervous. As a eunuch, I should not feel this way. It isn’t “normal”, whatever that means for us!

While it is nice to be able to get stuff done and not feel rundown, I am concerned my suppression isn’t working. That is NOT a good thing!

I am not feeling sexual, just energized: pulling a dumpster full of weeds, doing chores and routine stuff, and thinking clearly.

One wag suggested it was the MMJ! That is not the effect MMJ has on me! Lol.

OTOH, it may be totally unrelated to my cancer treatment.

My Shoulder

Yesterday my shoulder was very painful where my cancer lives. I used acetaminophen for some relief. This happens when my bursitis acts up. My joint swells and there ain’t room enough in that joint fer the both of ’em. At one point I reached over my shoulder and touched where it hurt. WOW! I barely touched it and pain filled the shoulder! I didn’t do that again!

Later, I was lying in bed when Donna came in and lay next to me to talk. While we were talking, Stubbs came in and got between us! Since my back was to him (and Donna)(I sleep on my right side.), he snuggled up against me and his weight on the back of my shoulder hurt. Finally Donna pulled him over some so he was lightly laying against me.

Then he started purring thinking she was gonna pet him. The vibration from the purring was actually painful!

It is much better today; I can feel the tenderness when I move that arm but I haven’t needed any analgesic today. Obviously it just wants to be left alone!

But it did get me to thinking: how will I know when it mutates and is no longer prostate cancer? We have been using my PSA as an indicator; even the colonies are still prostate tissue, just gone nutso! Once it becomes a more generic form of cancer, that indicator will no longer be accurate. I gotta ask one of my doctors how we know when the s**t has hit the bloodstream.