Box Wine

I like my wine and find that wine in boxes are the best value. Now they are marketing wine in paper bottles.

Will Purists Drink Wine from a Cardboard Bottle?

GreenBottle has already invented the world’s first paper milk bottle, featured in TreeHugger last January and already hitting the 100,000 sale mark.

Now they are expanding into wine bottles, based on the same green principles. GreenBottle has developed a prototype paper bottle for wine that is theirs alone and is currently in talks with supermarkets and wine producers to make it available to the British public as early as next year.

This company in Great Britain already markets milk in a similar container to plastic milk jugs called a GreenBottle. It is similar to a box wine container but with a pour spout instead of a spigot.

Box wine containers were developed in Australia and now this from the UK. I guess we just don’t get it in the US! Except for Franzia who went all in!