School Bear

While we had a bear, they had one at school! The wildlife people brought one they had captured for the kids to see.

I asked if they need a second one! I don’t know the details; this was sent by the Superintendent. He did enjoy the kids looking over the bear through the fence.

As long as one doesn’t wander through our campus. I would be more worried about the older boys thinking they could take one down!

The Bear

As I was leaving Cañon City yesterday on my way home, the right lane of US50 was blocked by a semi tractor! This is near the maximum security prison so could have other significance than a breakdown. Anyway all the traffic had to merge into the left lane during the afternoon rush!

But as I passed the truck, no one was near it! There were two men, one taking pictures and the other on his cell. I glanced back to see what was up and saw a little black bear which had been drinking from the irrigation canal where it goes under the end of the Hogback (then under the prison grounds).

If I hadn’t been in a such a rush, I may have joined the party and taken some pictures myself!