The Bear

This morning I wasn’t the sharpest tack around but finally noticed the bird feeders looked wrong.

The green circles are changes. One circle is empty which is where the thistle feeder on the ground goes. At first I was unsure what created this carnage but when I found the suet cage with the chain broken, only a bear could have done this. It didn’t get much; nearly all the feeders were empty. sigh.

Now I need to buy two finch feeders, one thistle feeder, and a suet cage. It didn’t trash the fence but seemed to have gone over it with only mild bending. And did not get in the trash just a few feet away.

I don’t know when this happened but the dog was barking a long time this morning, either from paranoia of knowing something had been in the yard or she saw it and chased it off! All our pets are accounted for so losing some feeders is a small price to pay for “hosting” a hungry bear.

This is the first time one has come into the yard.